Friday, May 20, 2016

5/20/2016 blog

What we did.

This week in Spearfish Middle School, Mrs. Wangeman science room we learned quite a bit this year, what we did this week was quite ecstatic event. We had a competition, a top scientist competition, I probably cant tell you because it is top secret science, but since you are lucky I am going to tell you, we had a great competition with our classmates. We had to go thru different steps to become a true top scientist, the true scientist was, Halle Fjelland, Ella Kruskamp, Leith Sandness, and Killian Caton. We got tested on an animal and plant cell.

Another thing we did this week was we went on a nature walk, we took samples of nature, like a leaf, and we examined the specimen and then found out what kind of plant it was. We got a partner and then went on a walk, don't worry we didn't go too far from the building, but it could have been more fun if we did.

What we learned.

Well we learned a lot this week, but the main thing we learned is the parts of a cell, i'm sure that a lot of students were helped by Mrs. W.

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