Friday, May 20, 2016

5/20/2016 blog

What we did.

This week in Spearfish Middle School, Mrs. Wangeman science room we learned quite a bit this year, what we did this week was quite ecstatic event. We had a competition, a top scientist competition, I probably cant tell you because it is top secret science, but since you are lucky I am going to tell you, we had a great competition with our classmates. We had to go thru different steps to become a true top scientist, the true scientist was, Halle Fjelland, Ella Kruskamp, Leith Sandness, and Killian Caton. We got tested on an animal and plant cell.

Another thing we did this week was we went on a nature walk, we took samples of nature, like a leaf, and we examined the specimen and then found out what kind of plant it was. We got a partner and then went on a walk, don't worry we didn't go too far from the building, but it could have been more fun if we did.

What we learned.

Well we learned a lot this week, but the main thing we learned is the parts of a cell, i'm sure that a lot of students were helped by Mrs. W.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another fun week of mini lessons with Mrs. Wangeman

   This week at Spearfish middle school, we learned more from mini lessons than we ever would've hoped. We learned a large variety of things about cells through games, such as nucleus soccer and an oobleck relay. All though, at first, these may seem completely unrelated to cells, Mrs. Wangeman's 6th graders found their brains being loaded with wonderful new facts about the wonderful world of cells.
   Robert, Isaac, Gabe, Cameron, Killian and me, Kieren, taught about the nucleus with a totally unplugged new form of soccer. Teams were asked questions trivia style. If they got it right, they would have a chance to shoot for points. The farther away from the goal the team member was, the more points they would get. In the end, the "Tree Stumps" were the victors were each awarded one eraser.
   Alison and Taytum created a fun game to teach about mitochondria. Each team of three was given a bag of oobleck to sift through and find little pieces of food and energy. These would be distributed into plastic buckets to symbolize mitochondria distributing energy and food throughout the cell.
   Another interesting learning experience was a lesson by Leith, Alex and Bridger. Everybody in the class (except two people) formed a circle and linked arms.. The two people that did not make the circle got inside and were given the goal of breaking out. This was easy at first, but as we got tighter together, it got harder to break out. Eventually, it became completely impossible for the two kids to break free of their prison. This fun activity symbolized the cell wall holding organelles inside of itself.
    There were so many great lessons that I would never be able to tell you about them all. All in all, it was another great week at spearfish middle school.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mrs. W's Student writing

In this fun week of science we planed our mini lessons about a part of the cell. The first lesson we learned about the cell wall.  For the cell wall we played a game that was basically dodge ball with 3 people in barriers and the barriers are the cell wall then people tried to knock down the other peoples cell wall. We learned that the cell wall protects the cells organelles from the outside environment. Just a reminder, we have had 2 days of science this whole week, so we didn't have a lot of time to learn as much as we usually do.