Monday, April 25, 2016


We have learned a lot in biology this year. Our teacher Mrs. Wangeman  has helped us learn about atoms, cells, erosion, and much more. Biology has been hard, and I know that we have drove our teacher crazy and sometimes work is hard and our minds don't interact with our work. Most of the time though we are always eager to learn new things everyday and we are looking forward to learning more in the future.

Mrs. Wangeman has lets us do many fun labs, and there is still more to come. We have done labs like, a milk lab, donuts lab, and many many more. We have done science fair and I hope we can do more of that in the future, because we have learned a lot from that experiment.

 I hope we can learn more in the future, and I hope that the kids that are coming to the middle school next year will learn as much as we have this year. We will all miss Mrs. Wangeman as our science teacher and all the things that she has done for all of us.

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  1. Hi!

    It's cool that you're willing to plow through biology. It's complicated, but there's a lot of cool things that you can't really do until you learn it.

    What's a donut lab? That sounds awesome!

    Also, I think a fish breathes through it's mouth AND it's gills. In one, out the other... right?

    1. Yes I do believe that they do, we just wanted to make a situation that both of them were correct and they don't know.
      The donut lab was quite fun, it would probably be fun to parents too.

  2. I love to see you loving science. It sounds like Mrs.W. has done a good job of peaking your curiosity in the science and the exploration of our environment.

    You said that you loved Science Fair. Do you plan on doing an elaborate experiment for that? I never had the opportunity to do that in school, and I wish that I could have. I love to learn and research.

    I agree with Jake, I think that fish use both their mouths and gills to breathe. Just as humans use our nose, mouth, and lungs to breathe.

    Keep asking the difficult questions!

    1. Yes Mrs.W sure does picking at the mysteries of the world, she has helped us so greatly in 6th grade science and school, we are very spoiled to have her, we are very grateful to have her.

  3. I am not sure what a milk lab or a donut lab are, but they sound really fun. I remember doing labs when I was in middle school and I was intrigued by the equipment we used. Can you name five common pieces of equipment that are used in Biology labs? -Mrs. Ruby

  4. A donut lab..Yum! Count me in. Make mine glazed please!:)