Monday, April 25, 2016


We have learned a lot in biology this year. Our teacher Mrs. Wangeman  has helped us learn about atoms, cells, erosion, and much more. Biology has been hard, and I know that we have drove our teacher crazy and sometimes work is hard and our minds don't interact with our work. Most of the time though we are always eager to learn new things everyday and we are looking forward to learning more in the future.

Mrs. Wangeman has lets us do many fun labs, and there is still more to come. We have done labs like, a milk lab, donuts lab, and many many more. We have done science fair and I hope we can do more of that in the future, because we have learned a lot from that experiment.

 I hope we can learn more in the future, and I hope that the kids that are coming to the middle school next year will learn as much as we have this year. We will all miss Mrs. Wangeman as our science teacher and all the things that she has done for all of us.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to comment on blogs

Hello, welcome to the Buffalo blogger page, today we will be writing about blog commenting, here are some good tips about commenting on blogs!

  • If you disagree with something, here is something you could say...

"Hey when you said fish breath through there mouths I believe that they breath out of there gills, but you could be correct."

  •      2 If you see a typo say it kindly, you could say it like,

"When you said that fish have breath out of there mouth you spelled there wrong, but maybe I'm mistaken."

  • Here are ways you could be rude when you commentIf you disagree with something, here is what you would say when trying to be rude

"Hey when you said that fish breath out of there mouth, that is stupid, are dumb, they breath out of there gill on the side of there head that holds there brain that you don't have! I am right you are wrong!!!!

That is all the tips for this blog thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!